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Ariana Whitmore

She has been writing columns on consumer gadgets since 2010. Her areas of interests include smartphones, tablets, mobile OS and apps. She holds M.C.S. degree and working on her startup, which aims to solve IT support issues.

Facebook Now Helps You Share 360 Photos

"Facebook Now Helps You Share 360 Photos"

Great news, photography fanatics. Facebook now helps you share 360 photos. There’s no stopping the social media network when it comes to new innovations. No more boring pictures, guys, you can now upload amazing 360-degree photos on Facebook. The social media company introduces photos to the network more than a decade ago, becoming the perfect way to show friends what ...

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Mobile Ad Blocking Threatens the Advertising Market

Soon, there might not be a market for ads delivered on smartphones, and that’s not exactly what publishers and advertisers had hoped for. According to a new research report from PageFair, an Irish startup that measures and assists publishers in managing ad blocking, reports that 419 million people are using a method to block ads on their smartphones. That’s the ...

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Tesla’s Gigafactory Will Officially Open on July 29

For the past year, Tesla has been in the spotlight quite a lot, mostly thanks to its full-on dive into the production of electric cars. Now, Tesla Motor announced that its Gigafactory has a date for its official debut. On July 29, the company will hold a grand opening for the new facility, despite the fact that the Nevada-based factory ...

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E Ink Unveils Full-color Electronic Paper

E ink, the company we’ve come to know and love because of their pigment-based, low-energy monochromatic displays, has found a way to create up to 32,000 colors using the same technology. Many of today’s popular readers are using E ink’s black-and-white technology, and many more are expected to make use of the new polychromatic breakthrough. The company has unveiled the ...

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San Francisco Apple Store Gets Revamped

It was 2001 when we were presented with the first Apple Store – the first experience with the company’s smooth design in brick and mortar shape, for which people stood in round-the-block lines. Fast-forward 15 years, and you see Apple planning to rekindle some of the love with a fresh revamp of the old style right in the heart of ...

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Wearable Device Wants to Monitor Tampon Saturation

We live in an increasingly connected world, but even though we’re used to technology creeping into the every aspect of our lives, Amanda Field might have taken it a little too far. CEO of a new startup named my.Flow, Field thought she could figure out a new way to help women know when they need to change their tampons. She ...

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Google Proposes 13 New Professional Female Emoji

Emoji – those little pictographs that have started to replace human emotion in writing – have become immensely popular, especially among the younger demographic. But could emoji tip the balance in the debate over gender inequality? Four Google employees think they can make a difference with a new set of emojis that will give women a more representative image in ...

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Google Changes Color of Links In Search Results

We have come to rely on Google’s search page more than we ever believed we would, and that’s why we’re always reluctant at first regarding the changes the company makes. Over the years, the search page has been experimented with and tweaked in numerous ways, and the way Google handles handle search results has also improved with faster and smarter ...

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Amazon’s Alexa Can Add Events to Your Google Calendar

More and more people are becoming increasingly interested in living in a smart house, and Amazon is encouraging them to embrace the new Internet of Things (IoT) network. For example, Amazon’s Echo and its digital assistant are among the finest hardware successes since the Kindle was invented, so the company thought of stepping into Google territory for its last feature. ...

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