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U.S. District judge is unhappy with Apple’s $450M eBook settlement

We have previously talked and shared the news about Apple’s eBook settlement with our readers. Apple had readily nodded to invest $450 million for solving the problems of customers concerning the settlement of eBook price in the US. According to the reports that were received, Apple had conspired along with five other publishers in order to set the price of eBooks.apple-building-night

A federal judge in New York had brought a ruling against the Apple claiming that the company demolished the anti-trust laws. This case has been in running for some time now and the fans thought that Apple would take a breath of relief soon, but the tensions seem to mount relentlessly on the iPhone maker as the judge has expressed his concern over the settlement terms and that it was highly unfair to the customers.


The US District Judge that is involved with this case is Denise Cole and she has expressed her concern over a clause that states that Apple is liable to pay only $70 million in case the appeal is reversed in the court and the case is sent back to the judge for further investigation.

This is the clause that troubled the judge the most. Apple has been found guilty of violating the anti-trust regulations and that it fixed the price for eBooks unethically. In order to provide acceleration for the hearings, the lawyers from both the sides have decided to agree on the three potential outcomes of the case.

In case, Apple gets to win the appeal it does not have to pay anything. However, in case Apple goes on to lose the appeal; it will be liable to pay only a meager sum of $50 million for the legal costs and $400 million as compensation to its customers.

In case the appeals court decides in motion of overturning the verdict and sending the case back for investigation, Apple would then be liable for paying only $70 million and the compensation fund would be clocked at $50 million. Only time will tell which way the case goes.

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According to the stats, Apple made a whooping $37 billion from the sales of eBooks last year and the alleged deal with the publishers was worth approximately about $150 million.

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