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Google Maps Engine Pro subscription to feature Google Coordinate

Google Maps have remained to be one of the most powerful features of the company in the recent past. People have been benefitted largely through this service. It’s now evident that Maps Coordinate is looking to feature over Google Maps Engine Pro. This can be availed as the part of Google Maps Engine Pro subscription, which will be priced at $5 per month/user.google-maps-coordinate

In order to aware you of Google Maps Coordinate and its use; it is basically a mobile/internet app that helps the user to share his location with the friend and also teams can be assigned jobs through this app. All this is done in a hassle free manner and in quick real-time. This remains to be the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Google Maps Coordinate.


After the stated move by Google, Maps coordinate will enter more into the world of individuals and businesses; thanks to the attractive subscription price that it offers. The process of signing up over Google Maps Engine Pro is also very easy. Any Google account would have an extended support to the subscription process. It necessarily means that the user does not need to simply be a customer of the Google apps anymore.

The organizations are also at a great benefit due to the lucrative subscription offer of Google Maps Engine Pro. They can actually employ this tool to increase the productivity of their organization. The subscription costs the user a surprisingly low-cost of $5 per month, which is a steal deal.

The firms that are involved with building processes can organize themselves to be ready for the tasks and whenever there is an urgent call for maintenance of the building, they can send the nearest worker to the site by tracking his location via Google Maps coordinate. Hence, working with this app would be efficient and effective at the same time.

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