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Apple hangs in as top tablet maker, while Samsung inches closer

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple is by far one of the best tablet makers of the world. There is no doubt about it as well that the iPad maker is slowly and steadily losing its grip on the top position. There will be no points for guessing the competitors who have forced this shiver down the spine of Apple. Android and Windows Tablets have made it all the way up to the top and showed stiff competition to Apple’s iPad.Apple hanging in a top tablet maker as Samsung inches closer

When we are talking about the rise of Android and Windows Tablets, the other shocking fact is that the overall market for Tablets have declined by 1.5% by the first quarter of the year 2014. This is a much more important matter to Apple because if Android and Windows re on the rise then the question is who is falling so rapidly. According to the experts, Apple failure to hold on to the market has resulted in the overall fall, but this year’s progress so far suggests that the Android and Windows tablets will gain on. Although the growth is expected to be slow but the year will end on a high according to IDC.


At the start of the year Apple’s market share was approximately about 26%, which has fallen by 9% by the end of June. During this period, 49.3 million tablets were sold globally with Apple’s count at 13.3 million. Although Apple still holds the top tier, the fall in 9% will certainly ring the alarm bells in the organization.

On the other hand, Tablet makers like Samsung, Lenovo and Asus have had quite some amount of success till June. According to a research analyst at IDC, the fate for these Tablet makers is expected to improve down the course of the year as well.

As a response to the fall in the market, Apple officials and analysts have blamed the economically poor markets. In order to counter this fall in the sales, Apple and IBM have had a collaboration to provide large enterprises with iPhone and iPad. On the other hand, Samsung which is termed as the largest competitor to Apple had a sales figure of approximately 8.5 million devices only behind Apple by a margin on Approximately 5 million models.

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It is not the margin that should trouble Apple but the growth rate. Apple has clocked a negative rate of 9% and Samsung has had a positive trend at 1.6 % growth. If this continues, Samsung might very well replace Apple from the top position.

In addition to Samsung, Companies like Lenovo and ASUS have also shown a positive growth rate. If a cumulative growth rate is considered, Apple will surely end up on the losing side.

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