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EU Privacy Watchdogs to Meet Google Officials over its Conduct on EU’s Ruling

The top court of the European Union made a ruling recently in which it introduced the “Right to be forgotten” requests. This ruling was wholeheartedly accepted by Google from the outset, but in the recent past, the company is not handling these requests as intended to. This has prompted the EU Court of Justice to send its privacy watchdogs to meet the officials of Google in order to give them some heat about their behavior over the ruling. Meanwhile, a  Google spokesperson said that the company had already removed links from its search engine of almost half of the requests.cvria-eu-court

Today, there will be a meeting of EU privacy watchdogs with the Google Authorities and the hopes of Europeans, who are in favor of “right to be forgotten” requests, lay in the outcome of this meeting. According to the ruling by the EU Court of Justice, the people of Europe could request Google to remove the inappropriate links that arise from their own name. This was done to ensure the privacy of the European citizens.


After the court commanded Google to remove the results, Google only eliminated results from its European search engines, for example, Google.co.uk. This has caused many questions to arise because people can use Google.com anyway for the search results. In such a case, the links will not be hidden anymore. It actually defies the purpose of ruling enforced by the European court of justice.

Google will also be questioned about the fact that it sent notifications to the CEO’s of the websites that had been removed from the search results of Google. The concern of the EU authorities is lying in the fact that sending notifications could have an adverse effect on the people who are sending the requests to Google for removing the links.

It seems like a battle between the EU authorities and Google. Lately, the search engine had been accused of suppressing its rivals and capitalizing on its own services. Google also made some tricky proposals that aroused great discontent among the internet users.

Recently, Microsoft has considered it wiser to follow in the shoes of Google as it has started taking up the “right to be forgotten” requests. A form has been opened up by the company which would invite requests to be filed by the individuals.

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We hope that the meeting between the EU officers and the Google Authorities comes to a legitimate conclusion.

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