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Apple Mac sales are positive, despite of declining PC sales

The quarter sales report of Apple is out and the results have indicated that Mac sales are least bothered with the overall PC slump that the market is facing from. Apple sold out as many as 4.4 million Macs in the last quarter, which is a substantial number considering the current situation of PC sales in the industry.apple-logo-building-wall

When it comes to revenue, it accounts to $5.5 billion credited to the Mac sales. This is close to $5.9 billion sales figure pulled up by iPads in the same quarter. These figures are whopping and phenomenal. The consistent growth of Macs in the market is instrumental in Apple’s success over the years. When compared to the quarter sales in the same period last year, the sales of Macs have hiked to 18 percent.


This is the same time when companies like Lenovo, Dell, and Sony among the others are suffering a lot in the hands of PC slump. The trend of using smartphones has deeply impacted the orientation of people towards PC’s. However, this trend has not affected the growth of Macs in the market.

There are an ample of factors that govern the movement of people away from Apple products, but what is the thing that is keeping people interested in Macs and other Apple products? Here is the answer:

MacBook Air is extremely popular in schools and it is the main device that is driving the success of Apple devices. The price of MacBook Air is also competitive considering the legacy of the brand. It costs the user $899 for the 11 inch model and $999 for the 13 inch model. It is light weight and the design of the MacBook is unique from the other PC models present in the marketplace.

In China, the growth of Macs has increased to 39 percent. If we compare the growth of Macs in China with the usual PC sales in the country, they have gone down by 5 percent.

The legacy of MacBook Air also helps the people to claim confidence in buying it. Apple MacBook has been there in the industry for long, and hence, it has garnered great credibility compared to the other PC brands available.

Another factor that determines the growth of Mac in the midst of PC slump all around is iOS. Apple capitalizes on the popularity of iOS in the market. The features that this operating system offers are incomparable and hence, it drives an ample of sales for the MacBook laptops. Moreover, as suggested by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, “There are features only Apple can deliver”.

Apple’s iPad sales figure shows the fading popularity

Sales results of iPads:

Apple’s iPad remains to be one of the most popular gadgets produced by Apple. However, it has registered low results in this quarter. Around 13.3 million tablets were sold in this quarter as compared to 14.6 million units sold in the year 2013. As in Tim Cook’s words, “The iPad’s sales met our expectations, even though I realize they did not meet yours.”

Sales results of iPhones:

The sales count of iPhone has been surprising the market guru’s year after the other. In this quarter, the revenue of Apple from iPhone has been calculated at $19.75 billion. This is a high-end result as compared to the revenue count to $18.1 billion the last year. However, the sales of iPhone were down compared to the second quarter.

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