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Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks to carry ESPN SEC Network

The Southeastern Conference Channel (SEC) by ESPN will now be available in more than 60 Million households. The SEC is the latest addition to the vast ESPN network of channels. As depicted from the name, ESPN’s SEC will be dedicated towards the various kinds of sports and sporting events all around the South Eastern Region and across the various colleges. Now, ESPN has struck a deal with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks for the streaming of the kick off match between Texas A&M and South Carolina. This will be the first match of the 2014-15 college football seasons on August 28.espn-sec-network

ESPN Network, which is one of the largest sporting networks has approached the two cable networks as they will be able to cover approximately more that 60 million households. Moreover, there has never been an initiative dedicated to College sports and events. With the launch of ESPN’s SEC on August 14, ESPN thinks that sports at the university level will have a better scope.


Sean Breen, Disney and ESPN Media Networks senior vice president said in a statement:

“By delivering the SEC Network across Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks’ nationwide footprint, including key markets within SEC territory, we are meeting the demands of fans while also adding value to customers’ video subscriptions in advance of the network’s launch next month.”

In a statement, Senior Vice President of Content Acquisition for Time Warner Cable Andrew Rosenberg said that there has always been a need of covering college sports. In addition, the viewers also look forward to having such a network and thus the efforts put in by us and ESPN will surely add to the luxury of our viewers.

According to the reports, The SEC Network is expected to have a live streaming of about 1000 live events all along the first year. The sporting events that will be given primary importance will be Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, etc. In addition, there will be shows concerning education in the field of sports as well.

Recently, ESPN had managed to strike a deal with Comcast to carry its SEC Network. The SEC Network was reported to begin its operations across Comcast markets during the same SEC college football season. Live events scheduled for SEC Network, online platforms like WatchESPNXfinity TV Go app and SECNetwork.com can be accessed by Comcast users. ESPN’s SEC Network will be accessible to 46 million Comcast subscribers across the country as well.

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