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Apple’s iPad sales figure shows the fading popularity

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad had been the glowing factor in the range of gadgets from Apple but the decline in its sales has alarmed the company a great deal. In the last quarter sales report released by Apple, a ridiculous decline in the sales of iPads has been noticed. Experts are speculating this condition and a lot has been said about the current situation of iPads.apple-ipads

The market of iPad was very strong for all the concluded years, but the last quarter sales report saw a decline in the sales of these gadgets. It has come down to 9 percent when compared to the market growth of 12 percent. However, Tim Cook did not seem to be tinted by the current sales figure and said, “iPad sales met our expectations, but we realize they haven’t met many of yours.”


This was a polite statement that expressed the concern of Tim Cook but he hid it in a very crafty way. Even though the officials of Apple are not accepting the decline of iPad sales, there is a strong discussion in the market about its deteriorating situation.

As per our opinion, here are the two reasons why the sales of iPad are showing a lowering curve in the market:

1. The major reason that has contributed to the current scenario is the fact that iPads are considered to be high-priced as compared to the other tablets that have entered the market. There is a steep rise in the market of low-priced tablets and Apple iPad is nowhere near the low price segment.

2. The second and the most important reason is that the iPads are a strong device and they don’t need a replacement soon making them stay with the user for longer. This impacts the sales of new iPads by a greater degree.

Steve Jobs had been handling the operations and strategy department of Apple very well and his demise has impacted Apple a lot. He had a vision and figured the market long before the moment arrived. He famously quoted, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.”

Meanwhile, Apple is trying to improvise the tablet; according to a report from Chinese media, the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 3 (or Apple iPad mini Air) will be approximately 0.21 inches in thickness and also it will be the thinnest tablets in the world. But, one question comes to my mind – will the thickness or new non-innovative device can make any difference in iPad/tablet market?

Sales results of iPads:

Apple’s iPad remains to be one of the most popular gadgets produced by Apple. However, it has registered low results in this quarter. Around 13.3 million tablets were sold in this quarter as compared to 14.6 million units sold in the year 2013. As in Tim Cook’s words, “The iPad’s sales met our expectations, even though I realize they did not meet yours.”

Sales results of iPhones:

The sales count of iPhone has been surprising the market guru’s year after the other. In this quarter, the revenue of Apple from iPhone has been calculated at $19.75 billion. This is a high-end result as compared to the revenue count to $18.1 billion the last year. However, the sales of iPhone were down compared to the second quarter.

Sales results of Macs:

Apple feels the pride in claiming that it has sold 4.4 million Macs in the third quarter of 2014. This is a good number as compared to 3.7 million units in the year 2013. When compared to the second quarter, the sales of Macs also increased by a fair degree in the third quarter.

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We sincerely hope that the current management learns something from the thought process possessed by Steve Jobs and improve the current sales situation of iPads.

Apple Q3 2014 earnings and sales report.

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