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Twitter releases workforce gender and ethnicity data

After years of pressure, Twitter’s workforce diversity data is out now! On Wednesday, Twitter released the diversity data of employees, which revealed that male, white and Asian workforce dominated the company.twitter-workforce-diversity-ethnicity

Twitter’s workforce is dominated 70 percent male employees, 59 percent white US employees, two percent African-American and three percent Latino employees. Out the company’s 3000 employees worldwide, there are 50 percent engineers. After growing pressure to release diversity data, Twitter decided to release the data of US employees, which showed a low percentage of Women and black people.


Janet Van Huysee, VP for diversity and inclusion at Twitter said in a blog post:

“We are keenly aware that Twitter is a part of the industry that is marked by dramatic imbalances in diversity, and we are no exception. By becoming more transparent with our employee data, open in dialogue throughout the company and rigorous in our recruiting, hiring and promotion practices, we are making diversity an important business issue for ourselves.”

The diversity data is quite similar to the data releases by Facebook, Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn, which also showed less women and blacks in the workforce. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company will release the diversity data “at some point”. Twitter mentioned that the company has a “lot of work to do” regarding the uneven diversity. A better diversity in the workforce is said to influence right decisions and women are known to provide better financial results.


More than 25,000 petitions were signed in Jackson’s Rainbow Push Collision for urging Twitter to release the diversity data. The petition was a result of Colorofchange.org, a black empowerment group and the companies fail to explain the limited inclusion of black people. Jackson states that black people are misrepresented in non technical Silicon Valley roles. However Twitter has groups led by employees for inclusiveness and is partnering with various organizations for the same.

For your information – Twitter released the diversity data after years of pressure as well as an online petition filed by Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

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