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Google acquires DrawElements, a Finnish 3D graphics startup

The Finnish 3D graphics firm DrawElements has been taken over by Google. DrawElements was established in Helsinki and it is one of the best 3D graphics firm in the market so far. DrawElements is responsible for giving companies a test for graphics to make sure that the software is compatible enough with Android. DrawElements already has elaborate information about the Google’s mobile operating system.google-drawelements

The minute details about the acquisition were revealed by the company, officially posting it on its homepage. DrawElements made an announcement on its website that stated “the startup’s workforce will fold into Google’s team of Android developers to incorporate some of our technology into the compatibility test suite”.

DrawElements also stated that they are extremely happy about the unfolding of events and excited to join a big company like Google. This statement was recorded over the official website of DrawElements.

Google has also spilled beans over the matter and a spokesperson of the company has confirmed the acquisition. However, he denied giving any more details about the same. DrawElements also maintained composure when it comes to the disclosure of agreement between Google and them. The terms of the deal still remain to be undiscovered, although according to the rumors the deal is said to be eight figured. That means, acquisition of DrawElements costs more than $10 million to Google.

Android is a highly popular mobile operating system and the most successful one too. It received the highest number of downloads in the first quarter of this year. This year has been highly busy for the American company as it has been acquiring many companies on the trot. The recent outing where Google acquired a company was Bitspin. It seems that the company is off for the shopping spree this season.

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Another company Quest Visual was acquired by Google in order to capitalize on its market of translation capabilities. Google also nabbed the satellite imaging company Skybox in June. Nest Labs had also been bought by Google, which cost the American company a hefty figure of $3.2 billion.

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