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Sprint to sell Google Apps for Business

Sprint has coupled up to Google for providing an access to Google Apps for Business not only to its enterprise customers, but also for those who don’t have Sprint’s wireless connections. By August, the companies that are aligned to Sprint in order to provide their staff with cellular service will also be allowed to get registered for the services of Google.sprint-building-board

The Google services that the company can avail by being the customer of Sprint include the likes of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Drive and Google Docs. Although the services that the companies get are minimal, but they will also be eligible for 24/7 online support and training by Google.


Mike Fitz, the vice president of Business solution commercialization of  Sprint Business stated:

“Sprint offers a variety of mobile tools to accommodate multi-generational work styles within the workplace, helping people to boost productivity and collaborate from virtually anywhere,”

The spark network and HD Voice services provided by the carrier can be used by the customers in the meanwhile. This can apply to a variety of smartphones available in the market. As suggested by Murali Sitaram, the director of strategic partnerships for Google enterprise, “Google Apps helps businesses work better together with the familiar tools they can trust.”

He also added that the company is excited to welcome Sprint to the Google family. The company is looking forward to the Google Apps partner program and with the amalgamation of Sprint, it will give an edge to the program.

Bloomberg, in its recent study expressed that Sprint had struggled to keep terms with the other top carriers of the US and the new amalgamation of the company with Google program will definitely lift its credibility in the market. It will also attract customers for the carrier.

There are rumors that Sprint is also looking to join hands with T-Mobile in order to give a stiff competition to carriers like AT&T and Verizon. Recent rumors suggest that the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile will be concluding for $16 billion. However, nothing has been made official yet.

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