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LG Optimus G Pro launched in India

To keep in pace with the number of phablets in the Indian market,LG has revealed its new range of phablet, the LG Optimus G Pro. With a 5.5 inch Full HD with IPS (in panel Switching) display the smartphone would provide crisp images and text along with the added advantage of  400ppi (pixels per inch).



The phone boasts of a 13 megapixel camera with a 360 VR panorama feature. VR panorama provides a different view of panorama as how the eyes would view naturally,unlike the normal panorama where you can see all the objects. Another interesting Feature is the ability to record videos and snapshots from the primary and secondary camera.


Powered by A Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Processor the phone can deliver snappy performance.currently LG Optimus G Pro stands next to Sony Xperia Z Ultra in performance. With a 2 GB of RAM and Android(4.2.2) Jellybean the phone packs some unique features. LG Seems to have taken a cue from Samsung’s Track motion feature where the Video pauses when you look away from the screen. The LG Optimus G Pro comes handy if you own a lot of entertainment devices like TV, home theater..etc thus enabling users to control them. Another added feature is the ability to stream content to DLNA certified devices. priced at Rs. 35,643 and Rs. 33000 (in exchange for your smartphone) the phone seems to be a good buy.

Conclusion: The phablet definitely packs some Unique features and is well ahead in race with most of the Smartphones in the Indian Market. priced in the same range of current smartphones the LG Optimus G Pro provides some value for the buck.

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