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LINE Launches ‘Hidden Chat’ to send time limited messages

Messaging applications play more role in todays life, there are few messaging applications that introduces a number of features to beat the WhatsApp application. LINE is one of the apps that always introduces new features that enables its users to stick with it and also attract others too.line-messenger-event

Today, the owner of LINE Corporation has announced the ‘Hidden Chat’ features in the LINE messenger application for both Android and iOS. The hidden chat feature of LINE application allows users to send time limited messages, which exactly suits for private conversations.


The hidden feature of LINE application allows you to attach time limits with the messages; for instance, you can attach a time limit of 2 seconds to 1 week time, therefore the text will be automatically deleted at the receiver end. In order to use this feature, a separate room should be created between the sender as well as receiver and some sort of filter is attached to the sending messages. The filter will prevent ordinary viewing of messages and the message can be only visible in the group only.

Head of LINE Europe said in a statement:

“We are very excited to launch Hidden Chats in the UK and Europe. There is clearly a strong demand for private chat features in Europe currently and at LINE we are always trying to adapt our service to meet the latest user expectations. From multiplatform to free calls and video calls we believe in going the extra mile for our users, and LINE Hidden Chats are the next step in logical steps in our journey. Hidden Chats will provide users with a new platform for private conversations, with the ability to share messages with friends and family that are only available for a pre-determined amount of time before being deleted. We are sure users will enjoy this new feature and the added privacy it offers.”

By sending a hidden message, the message will be automatically deleted. Technically, a countdown timer is attached to the sending message that allows the message to delete automatically. When the given amount of time reaches, the message in the received end will be automatically deleted.


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The Hidden chat feature is only applicable for Android and iOS applications only and after updating the LINE application, the features will start working. This feature will not work in countries such as Japan, China and other few countries and also this update won’t work in Windows Operating System, Blackberry and others.

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