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LittleBits CEO states CloudBit as the future for Smart devices

The electronic library that LittleBits has is probably one of the unique electronic libraries of the world. You will certainly be able to find each and everything that you need to make all kinds of devices that you can think of. Well, I agree to the fact that this is interesting, but LittleBits had one shortcoming. But gladly speaking, it is gone now. According to the statement of the CEO of LittleBits Ayah Bdeir, the company has designed a new module which will allow the users to add anything on the Internet. Bdeir has explained it by the statement “just add internet.”LittleBits CEO states CloudBit as the future for Smart devices

LittleBits probably had everything other than the advantage of adding up the information to the internet and enriching the world. With LittleBits you can be sure of the fact that you can make anything. But making it never meant that the world will come to know about it. With the addition of the latest module, even an average man will be able to contribute to the sea of knowledge- Internet.


According to Bdeir, LittleBits is not just a place to build things anymore. According to her, with the power to connect to the cloud using their latest module CloudBit creation might just get up to another level. Ayah Bdeir also stated that they are no competing with companies like Nest but rather they are looking forward to concentrate on the next idea which could change the future of the world.

Speaking of simple facts, CloudBit is basically a connector that connects you to smart devices. It can connect you to the internet or at the same time allow you to connect two devices in such a way that was probably never possible. It can easily be stated that CloudBit brings in a sense of intelligence into devices that were not considered smart at all. And as Ayah Bdeir said, this might just be the beginning of the creation that will change the future of the humans.

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