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Japan to offer 2 million Yen as subsidy for hydrogen fuel celled cars

The Japanese Government has probably taken one of the most important decisions of the year 2014. According to the reports in hand, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that the Government will provide a subsidy amount of at least 2 million Japanese Yen on every hydrogen fuel celled vehicles that is sold in the nation.Japanese Government to offer 2 million Japanese Yen as Subsidy for fuel celled cars

There have been a lot of talks about the fuel celled cars that are probably due to enter he markets next year. There has been a lot of thought process going into how to promote the vehicles. Considering the fact that they are not one of the common cars that rule the roads, the prices are ought to be higher than normal as well.


Thus, being positioned on such trippy grounds, the decision to provide a subsidy amount of a minimum 2 million Japanese Yen (approximately $19,750 — $1= 101.52 Japanese Yen) will considerably affect the effective cost rise of the vehicles. Thus, a subsidy amount imposed by the Japanese Government will also help the future of the fuel celled cars outside Japan. Toyota is all set to launch the first fuel celled Sedan for public use sometime in the year 2015.

As a result of the subsidy provided by the Japanese Government, the sedan will be available at 5 million Japanese Yen, which is currently priced at approximately 7 million Japanese Yen. Although the amount is still a lot, the step taken by Mr. Abe will certainly inspire a lot of organizations and countries.

According to the statement by Prime Minister Abe, the car belongs to a new generation and will have a lot to prove in protection of the environment. The fuel celled cars will be running on Hydrogen cells and will not emit Carbon Dioxide. As a matter of fact, the pollution is expected to be nil.

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It will be very interesting to take a look at how the future shapes up for fuel celled cars after the step taken by the Japanese Government. The Japanese Government has gone into collaboration with Toyota to speed up the process of launch of the fuel celled Sedan. Honda is also set to launch its first fuel celled vehicle in 2015.

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