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New Target ‘In a Snap’ app launched to boost sales

American retailing company Target has introduced ‘In a Snap’ app for customers, which would allow them to purchase products from their home after scanning advertisements through the smartphone.target-iphone-app-screenshot

The ‘In a Snap’ app will be able to scan Target’s room essential products in 10 home decor magazines and the product will be added to the shopping cart for purchase. The app will be able to recognize images unlike QSR codes or UPC codes which do not have the feature.The new Target app is compatible for iPhones, iPad and iPod touch.


 The new app is built by Target’s Rapid Acceleration Development (RAD) technology team for boosting sales and creating methods for attracting online shoppers. Target mentioned that ‘In a Snap’ was a result of a year’s research and was built in a period of six to eight weeks.

The new app is similar to Amazon’s Firefly included in the Fire smartphone and the company claims the app has the ability to identify 100 million items. The Fire phone also has Flow app that scans QSR and UPC codes. However the new Target app is in Beta mode and is capable of identifying only ads. Consumers can send a feedback to Target via the app as the company plans to increase its ad campaigns in the future. The new Target app will face competition from rival Amazon’s Firefly as the e-commerce site is already popular with digital consumers.

Consumers can use the app to save items for a later purchase by scanning ads on magazines or catalogs.  The app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

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