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FLIR ONE thermal imager for iPhone is now available for pre-order

Flir Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR), a thermal imaging company launched FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for iPhone, which can be used to detect the heat signature available in front of your iPhone camera – behind the walls or human body.flir-one-thermal-imaging-camera-iphone

The Oregon-based company, Flir Systems showed off its “Quark” sensor prototype at an event, last August. The new release is based on the “Lepton” core that includes a thin lens, an uncooled long-wave infrared (LWIR)  microbolometer focal plane array and a 80×50 pixel resolution. The device weighs less than 4 ounces and can be fitted to an iPhone 5c or 5s.


The company said in a statement:

“FLIR ONE detects a broad range of temperatures and has spot temperature measurement display. Users can either photos or videos and share them via text, email or social media  through the Flir One app which will be available in the Apple app store.”

Consumers will be able to use the equipment for detecting leaks in the house, finding lost pets and for home improvements. The “FLIR ONE” has its own 150 mW battery for two hours of use and has a 8-14 µm wavelength range for capturing light. However the company mentions that the device offers several possibilities in the hands of consumers and developers. The company is expected to launch a newer version after the release of iPhone and a version for Android smartphones will be made available shortly.

The Flir One is priced at $349.99 and can be pre-ordered at the company official website. Shipping will start by August 4 in the US, a few days later in the Europe and eventually in other markets. Apple’s website will also sell the device and stores in US and Canada.

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