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US Patent and Trademark awarded Apple the patent for iTime smartwatch

After three years, the smartwatch, designed and developed by Apple has been awarded patent for the product: Apple iTime by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It is a wrist gadget which has the facilities of a touchscreen and is able to be communicated using a smartphone. It has been noted that Apple is looking forward to create more of these wearable gadgets, as it focuses on its form and not its functions. This means that this is just going to the dawn of wearable electronic devices developed by Apple.Image Credit: US Patent and Trademark Office

This new form of electronic gadget is expected to be released in October. And it is going to be Tim Cook’s first new product launch since taking over as CEO of Apple after the demise of the former CEO Steve Jobs.


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Apple iTime Watch offers the service of connection to computers, tablets and smartphones, so that you can check texts and e-mails without pulling out the smartphones or tablets. It can also be used to check the current weather and the time through the watch.

There are rumors that Apple may include haptic sensors in the wristband which is used for gesture recognition, and therefore the user can control the wristband, or the smartwatch, with the help of gestures. For example, a horizontal movement of the arm may be for accepting a call.

This device has surfaced when there is a rising need for reducing the size of the portable devices, making them compact and easier to be carried. Not only the size should be minimized, but there are demands that the functionalities should be enhanced, to which, Apple has responded brilliantly with its Apple iTime Watch.

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There had been questions about the relevance of the patent given to Apple for its smartwatch as many stories were published by different sites regarding the smartwatch. And there had even debates on whether this new technology would result in a revolution in the way we used to tell the time.

Apple claims it to be an all-in-one watch with a smart-strap to tie it around the wrist. And yes, it may seem very basic but this one product with which Apple is looking to revolutionize the future.

So, be ready to meet the iTime. Probably, not the rumored iWatch!

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