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Expert Reviews of Fire Phone will haunt Amazon

Amazon recently launched Fire Phone in the US and with the reviews that it is garnering; it seems that the device is missing out on most of the cylinders. It does not have the spark in it to dominate the phone sales in the U.S. The Fire phone is not yet available outside of the US, but the reviews in the U.S. itself are very discouraging.amazon-fire-phone

It always takes a lot of time for the Amazon devices to debut in the European market and hence, the date for its release in Europe and UK is not fixed yet. It took almost 10 months for the Fire tablet to reach European boundaries in the year 2012 and the Fire phone is also slated for a similar approach.


We are not sure if such a small time is enough for Amazon to fix all the problems with the phone, but as far as the reviews from US customers is concerned, the case looks heavily doubtful.

Here is one of the reviews for this phone from CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt:

“What doesn’t work is the premium price ($200 on-contract, $650 off; there is no pricing yet for the UK or Australia), the so-so performance, and the slightly sub-prime specs. The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor struggles to respond, battery life sputters out quicker than I’d like, and the phone also throws off enough heat to melt a pat of butter.”

This one from Engadget:

Amazon appears to have put so much effort on the Fire phone’s unique features that it didn’t focus on making the device attractive. It looks more like a prototype than a phone that’s supposed to compete against well-designed beauts like the iPhone 5s, LG G3 and HTC One M8. The use of glass on the front and back is a throwback to the Nexus 4 and iPhone 4/4s, which means it’s a fingerprint magnet and more susceptible to breaking than polycarbonate. The sides are protected with a rubberized polyurethane material, however, which should improve the phone’s chances of survival if dropped.

Review from GigaOM:

As far as Firefly goes, it can be handy, although there are similar apps that do much the same. Most of the time, it recognized objects I scanned. Of course, if it does find them, you can easily buy them from Amazon with a tap or two; it’s a very integrated shopping experience. Also useful is capturing the text with Firefly: Any recognized, actionable text becomes a link to tap. Scan a business card, for example, and you’ll get links to send an email, call the person or visit their website. And the app saves a history of what you’ve scanned, which is useful for later.

There are four sensors equipped with the phone that are situated at the corners and at the front of the phone. These are not simply sensors, but they are camera that is fed with infrared LED’s that can determine the pose of your head in relativity to your phone in the real time.

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Some of such features in Fire phone are incredible, but overall, the phone misses out on the necessities that make a good device in the current scenario. Will Fire Phone can grab some market share and act as a gateway to amazon.com?

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