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Upcoming 4 best games for Xbox, PS4, PS3, Nintendo 3DS/Wii U and PC

We are halfway through 2o14. It has been quite a good year for the gaming world. Some of the games like Watch Dogs and Titan fall also doing very well, but some other were real tragedies. Among the gaming consoles Xbox proved to be slightly at loser-side. while PS4 was nearly had good sales. For the time being, let us forget the past and look at what lies ahead. Here we list some of the most anticipated games expected to release in the 2nd half of 2014, except the Batman, which has been delayed to first quarter of 2015.

Batman: Arkham Knight (Warner Bros.)

One of the most anticipated game that is set to release in the coming months. Gamers all time favorite Batman is back with some real gameplay. Batman: Arkham Knight is the continuation of the last year’s biggest blockbuster game Batman: Arkham City. As usual the villains (The joker, Scarecrow etc.) are looking to destroy the Gotham city and the people’s superhero Batman who is trying to stop them. In the beginning of this year a minute teaser has been released based on the game, which was one in the top charts within few weeks of release. From the video, it has been clear that the main villain will be the Scarecrow. But for the further information we should wait for the official release. There is no doubt about that the Arkham Knight will hit the top charts after the release.


Dragon Age: Inqusition (EA)

Image Credit: EA Games UK.
Image Credit: EA Games UK.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the 3rd installment of the Dragon Age series. Similar to the earlier series, this game is also a Single player role playing game. The more details about the game is still not out other than some rumors. But the officials has been announced that the game will not disappoint the Dragon Age fans. In the 3rd part the game is developed using Frostbite game engine (which is used in Battlefield) which results the game will be having some massive visuals and sound effects. Let us wait for the official release, which will be most probably in around October.

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Alien: Isolation (SEGA)

Alien Isolation (SEGA) october 2014

Alien: Isolation is based on the Hollywood movie alien series. As from the screenies, the game belongs to genre horror and stealth based game. The whole game’s plot is carried out in outer space where a spaceship has been attacked by aliens. This game will be quite a challenge for SEGA since there are only a less number of first person shooter games from SEGA. So they have to do really well in order to make the game massive success. The game will be distributed by 20th Century Fox Studios.

Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo)


Ever time classic Super Smash Bros. is set to release with some looks changed. This version onwards the game will be full in HD graphics. Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game which features all the Nintendo game characters like Mario, Pokemon heroes and so on.Game is now available only on Wii platform. Hope will get the game for all the platforms. This game will be favorite among those who loves to play the old classic game characters.

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