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Verizon slashes Apple iPhone 5s and 5c prices in half

If you are looking for a discount on Apple smartphones, here is a deal for you. The Apple iPhone 5c, 5s and other flagship smartphones can be brought from Verizon at 50 percent discount.verizon-iphones-deal

Under a two-year contract, consumers can buy the iPhone 5s for $99 and the iPhone 5c at $49 while the iPhone 4S is already being offered at a discounted price. The deal began this month and consumers can buy smartphones at 50 percent off its regular pricing. Verizon offering is also seen as a move to sell off previous Apple devices as the iPhone 6 is set to be released in September.


Other popular smartphones in the deal include the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is available for $99 including HTC One M8. Verizon deal for the Apple devices is the best offer for consumers as the lowest pricing for the iPhone 5s was seen at Walmart for $119 and $125 at Best Buy, this week.

However, it is a known fact that Apple would eventually lower the price of the iPhone 5c and 5s for the launch of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5c and 5s was offered at a heavy discounts during Black Friday and Christmas. Users who opt for the iPhone 5s without a contract will have to shell out $650 for the 16GB model.

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Earlier, Virgin Mobile offered the off-contract iPhone 5s for $385 which was popular among the consumers with plans starting from $30. These devices remain locked to Virgin Mobile an only smaller carriers can be used. The devices can be unlocked at an extra cost for using with other carriers. Verizon’s offer ends on July 27.

Recently, Walmart has also slashed the price of both the iPhones. And now, the price cut by Verizon indicates the arrival of Apple iPhone 6 soon. Would you wait for a new model or just rush and buy the existing one?

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