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Leaked Apple iPhone 6 image shows possible light notification in Apple logo

The latest leaks for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6’s ‘Apple logo’ on rear panel lights up for notifications. Till now, the front design of the device was found through many rumors and leaked images on the Internet. After the leak of Spigen case, Uswitch.com leaked few images that shows the rear design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6.iphone_6_rear_panel_leak_2_634x306x24_expand_h5a424d9a

A series of images showing that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will have a thin layer of the Apple logo in its rear case, in which light will appear when a notification is received. Whenever a new message is arrived in the device, the light inside the Apple logo will light-up to alert you.

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The plastic logo will be replaced by a thin layer of semi-translucent logo, similar to light-up logo in the MacBook Pro. The plastic layer is too thin and shines when a text or email arrives.


And other reports say that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will be expected to launch in the month of early September. The smaller model of upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will start sale after the launch of iPhone 6 and another model of iPhone 6 wouldn’t come to the market until 2015. Moreover, the sapphire glass will provide more strength of the mobile and quantum dots display will increase the stand-by time of the device.

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