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Apple to announce its Q3 earnings for 2014

Tuesday, 22 July has been opted by Apple for the showdown of its Q3 earning this year. The event would take place at 5PM, Eastern Time. The press conference will happen after the announcement of Q3 earnings. Apple is usually not very loud on such subjects but this time around, it wants to aware the people about the company’s progress in the US and other markets in the globe.apple

The third quarter of the year ran from April to the end of June and the earnings report over this period of time will be published and announced by Apple on 22 July. There are rumors that the company may even make some important announcements regarding the cheaper iMac and security lock service for the Mac Pro. Apple has not released an ample of gadgets lately and hence, there are speculations that the event will enable the management of the company to unveil some new devices.


Some softwares are also on the fringe of announcements, but Apple’s major earnings have come through selling hardware. The products from Apple are good enough for sales even though they are going through a refresh cycle.

The thing to look out for in the event is the progress of iPad in the market. The sales of iPads in the market have been very low lately and it will be interesting to note if the situation has improved or not. According to the experts, however, the iPad sales will bounce off this time around.

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The expected revenue for Apple is adjudged between $36 billion and $38 billion. The profit would range between 37 and 38 percent of the revenue. Apple has furnished an investor’s site where all the financial data about the company can be retrieved. Please keep tuned for further information.

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