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Verizon initiates Smart Rewards across the nation on July 24 onwards

Verizon, one of the largest wireless network providers in the United States might not be delivering monetary discounts for its dedicated users, but the company has come up with a plan of Smart Rewards for its customers. Speaking of the history that Verizon has, the company is probably the last one which is expected to give monetary discounts to the customers under postpaid plans. According to the reports, Verizon has at last decided to put in some efforts to appreciate the dedication that its customers have showered on them via a special rewards program, named Verizon Smart Rewards.verizon-smart-rewards

According to the recent break of the news, the announcement of the Verizon Smart Rewards was made. It is a program that allows the wireless network provider to shower rewards on its users. The program is stated to go live across the nation July 24 onwards. The rewards or the benefits that the customers will be getting from Verizon includes various discount coupons and vouchers on select merchandise, travel, hotels, etc.


Verizon has also ensured that it keeps the system for reward calculation quite simple and neat. In short, you will be given points for every dollar you choose to spend. You will be able to redeem the points later for the discount coupons or vouchers.

But as in case of most of the reward systems, there exists a catch in Verizon Smart Rewards as well. According to the rules and regulations, the customers will have to use the features available under Verizon selects in order to avail the rewards.

The process of calculation of the reward comprises of paying the bill and then receiving the total points that you have earned. Not all customers will be allowed to participate. The customers will have to log on to ‘My Verizon’ and register themselves manually in order to be a part of the special reward program.

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