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New York federal judge grants permission to access users’ Gmail account

After a long debate, finally permission to access Gmail account of the criminal was provided by a federal judge in the state of New York. This decision was made after a series of debates that was against how the government can invade the privacy of the citizens of a country.gmail_logo_new_360x270

Gabriel Gorenstein, US magistrate judge approved a warrant that is to be served by Google Inc. He asked Google to provide all information regarding emails of a person (name is not mentioned) who involved in money laundering. But other judges started debate about accessing email accounts of the suspects. They argued that it would not relieve the personal information of a single person but, in terms of investigation, it would result in accessing many email accounts.


After three months of ruling, US magistrate judge James Francis ordered Microsoft to provide the details of the email account that is stored in its database located in Ireland.

On July 31st, hearing for the case is set before Loretta Preska, a U.S. District judge; the act made by the government to seize the personal things about an individual has increased the controversy among the people and media. Due to the leaked secret document by NSA contractor Edward Snowden to the media, that describes various information about the massive collection of email users’ information, the controversy regarding the act is increasing day-to-day.

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In the past, John Facciola magistrate has rejected the warrant for accessing the personal information of a defense contractor and Kansan magistrate has also rejected the warrant for various applications for accessing emails and other records from Google. But this current case has made more impact among the media as well as people. Stay tuned for more revealing information about the money laundering case.

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