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Is China’s population on Internet on a descent?

China’s population is the largest in the world, but the population of the country on the Internet media is probably on a descent. According to the recent reports, the percentage of China’s population on the Internet in the first half of the year 2014 is the lowest that the country has seen in the last 8 years. In spite of this, China’s population on the Internet is more that the total population in some countries of the world. Interestingly, China’s Population that hangs over the internet is more than the cumulative population of the 20 least population nations of the world.Is China’s population over Internet on a descent?

According to the reports, China has added approximately 14.4 million new internet users till June 2014. This is the lowest addition that the nation has made to the internet world in the last 8 years or so. According to the mid-year report presented by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the country accounted for 632 million users during the first half of the year. China is ranked at the first position in accordance with the population that the nation has over the internet. But this does not mean that the country has a huge reputation when it comes to providing interest to all. Out of the total population of the nation, only 47% of the population approximately is benefitted from the Internet.


The penetration rate of the Internet in China is way less than that of the United States with 87%. The reports from CNNIC also state that approximately 450 million people in China have never been online. The failure that the nation has presented itself due to the lack of Internet penetration in rural china has posed a huge question over the governance in China.

The education standard among the people who have never been online is also poor. Thus, it is quite evident that China also suffers from lack of management in the field of Education. Although China boasts of the largest population growth on the Internet in the last decade or so, the potholes are probably evident now.

The reports also state that the use of Internet on computers have also suffered major setback as approximately 520 million users prefer the use of mobile phones to reach the Internet. The various social messaging applications have been blamed for the fall in the Internet’s use on desktop computers over the last 6 months.

Although, China still holds the top position in the list of maximum number of users, but the fact that the growth is on a fall poses a serious question. The lack of penetration of facilities and education to the rural parts of China will certainly pose a great threat to the overall development of the nation.

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