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The affordable next-gen Tesla Model 3 to be priced at $35,000

The electric cars have always been synonymous with wealth, suburban environment, but the new Tesla Model 3 will match well with the aspirations of the common people. It has been confirmed by official twitter handle of Tesla that the next-gen car will be named as Tesla Model 3. According to reports, the cost of the car has been kept at $35,000 which is attracting many eyes on the market.tesla-model-3-logo

The electric cars are meant to improve the environment and now when the cost has come down to $35,000, it is a great chance for the fans to grab the model of Tesla 3. There are other electric cars existing in the market, namely Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus EV but these vehicles cost the customer a fortune. Another shortcoming of these cars lay in the fact that the driver has to charge these vehicles for hours in order to go 100 miles on a stretch.


The Tesla Model 3 has been announced on Twitter by Elon Musk and the experts are in praise for the CEO, thanks to the meager cost that has been charged by the company for this incredible car. The cars of Tesla have great credibility in the market, especially the electric cars as they provide good handling along with appropriate speeds. Hence, the lovers of electric cars are equipped with a never ending smile after the announcement of Tesla Model 3.

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EV’s have some limitations though; they can travel 100 miles before a charger is needed. However, Tesla Model 3 is expected to push the limits and it may not require charging before 200 miles. A network of charging stations is also being built by Tesla in order to avail the charging facility to the owners of the car.

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The buzz around Tesla Model 3 is getting louder as the users from China and US are doing the rounds on their blogs on the viability of the model in the market. The launch of Tesla Model 3 is slated for the year 2016/2017. If that happens, it will be produced to its extreme on the part of Tesla.

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