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Facebook’s buy button scrutinized

According to the reports, Facebook is testing a new feature – buy, which will allow the user to buy items directly without leaving the social surrounding.  According to the statistics, one can easily come to a direct conclusion stating that fact that approximately half the world’s population lives a second life on Facebook. The fact that Facebook is the most used social networking platform is also known to all. To add to it, Facebook has had a history of making things a bit incredible for its users. The expectations suggest that the buy feature will be something like this. Some people are claiming this as a hoax and some are quite certain of the test and also believe that Facebook will implement it very soon.

According to the reports, the buy feature that is being talked about so much is just the addition of a button below the advertisement. The button will allow the users to directly buy the advertised item without having to leave Facebook at all. The fact that we can shop without having to leave Facebook is what makes it very interesting to me. There is no doubt that the buy feature will have is pros and cons. Before actually putting down points in favor and against letting us take a look at it from users and vendor’s point of view


Facebook’s buy feature: Vendors view

Till date Facebook has always been associated with socializing and other stuffs like an advertisement, publicity, etc. In addition, of the ‘paid advertisement’, Facebook probably took its first turn towards a business sector. Till date the facilities that he Vendors had allowed them to show their ads to the users and the users could follow the link to the vendor’s site. This resulted in a huge growth in business for many organizations. Facebook had actually taken online business and advertisement to a complete different level.

Now, speaking from a merchant’s point of view, the buy button will only help to increase the business. According to the experts, there will be a globalization among online merchants. The barriers that exist, will probably cease to do so. As most of the internet marketers and experts in the realm, it will be extremely interesting to see how things unfolds and what are the effects that it has on the Internet market!


Facebook’s buy feature: Buyers view

The experts have said that the ones who will suffer are going to be the ones who buy things online. The present world is such that you can buy anything online starting from a pin to a car as well. There are innumerable sites that offer similar entities at similar or different prices. The real dilemma that the buyer is expected to face will be to buy from where? Considering that fact that Facebook decides to go on with the new feature, then one will not need to search the online stores for the things that they like. All they will have to do is log on to Facebook and click on the ‘buy’ button.

The whole Internet media are very much excited about this new feature that is supposedly going to be tested by Facebook. In case, Facebook decides to implement toe feature permanently, there is expected to be a complete shift in the balance. Facebook which operated just as a social network till date will start operating partially like an online Megastore. This might end up creating rifts among the existing online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc. Although the proposed feature does have a lot of prospects, it will be interesting to follow the turn of events.

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