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Apple announces two step verification for its Apple ID

Apple is more concerning about its security features and also concerned in providing privacy to its users. And finally Apple made out, two-step verification (in other words two-step authentication) for its iCloud users and Apple ID users. By highlighting the importance of security on the Internet, Apple has introduced a two-step verification in its systems.apple-id-usage-icons

Providing two-step verification will improve the security factor by using an additional layer in its security feature. In addition to the password, it will ask the users to enter a computer generated security pin from an additional secondary device, while logging into your account. Even hackers accessed a physical access to your device, they cannot access your account without having the secondary device of yours. This makes your account more secure when compared to the ordinary method of signing into your account.


You would have used two-step verification in your Google account, Google has been a champion in achieving security with the help of two-step verification. After a long period of time, Apple has introduced a two-step verification to its iCloud. This allows you to prove your identity by using a secondary mobile device.

If you were willing to buy an application in iTunes or in Apple App store, you need to prove your identity. Meanwhile, if you want to change the password of your Apple ID, two-step verification will work there too. And also you need to verify the device where the verification codes will appear, as a trusted device. Hope in the future, this will avoid unnecessary attempts of logging into your accounts.

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According to Apple’s FAQ:

As a basic security measure, Apple does not allow two-step verification setup to proceed if any significant changes have recently been made to your account information. Significant changes can include a password reset or new security questions. This waiting period helps Apple ensure that you are the only person accessing or modifying your account. While you are in this waiting period, you can continue using your account as usual with all Apple services and stores.

If you want to activate two-step verification for your Apple ID, then you can set it up here.

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