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EU slams ‘free apps with in-app purchasing’ at Google Play and Apple App Store

The time has come when we will have to bid a farewell to the apps termed as free in the Google Play Store. According to the new set of rules, all the online application stores will have to stop in-app advertising. The rule will be applicable to all the online stores for various platforms. What this means that the time has come to bid a farewell to the free applications that sealed the gaming experience for most of the users.in-app-purchase

The new set of rules has been devised and laid out by the European Commission. Most of the free applications on Google Play Store and other online stores allowed the advertisements. The revenue collected from the advertisement and purchases allowed us to enjoy the game free of cost. Now, as the in-app advertisement and purchase have been banned, there is a gruesome risk of the extinction of the free applications.


The European Commission has also taken a stick to Apple as the company has not shown dedicated attention to the new set of rules. Apple has already paid FTC a whooping amount of approximately $34 million owing to the issues related to e-book sales.

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The rule for not allowing in-app purchases has been determined by the European Commission. According to the reports, there is now news about the fact that whether the online stores will have to follow the rules outside Europe as well. The standing front about the decision is yet to be clear. It will be interesting to follow the stand of the online stores in this regard.

Apple defended its stand and stated the following to BBC:

“These controls go far beyond the features of others in the industry… But we are always working to strengthen the protections we have in place, and we’re adding great new features with iOS 8, such as Ask to Buy, giving parents even more control over what their kids can buy on the App Store.”

Just for your information – Recently, the US Federal Trade Commission has filed a case against Amazon for unauthorized in-app purchases by kids after their parents complained and the Federal Trade Commission states that these transactions amounted to millions of dollars.

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