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Kia Motors recalls 51,641 Soul compacts over faulty steering issue

South Korea’s Kia Motors is recalling 51,641 Soul hatchbacks from the 2014 model due to a faulty steering system, adding the automaker to the list of companies with growing recalls.kia-soul-logo-steering

According to the report on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the defect was caused due to an improper application of adhesive while locking the pinion plug on the steering assembly in the South Korean manufacturing plant. In case the pinion gear comes off, the car can crash due to loss of steering control. However, no injuries or accidents were reported by the company due to the fault.


The recall will affect Soul hatchbacks manufactured between July 21, 2012 and January 17,2014. The hatchback is also called a small SUV. The recall will come into effect from this month and the company will request the owners to bring their vehicles. The pinion plug would be fixed properly with thread-locking adhesive, free of charge. The problem was detected during a warranty claim and was informed by a dealer to the company.

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Last month, Kia recalled 3,100 Cadenza 2014 models for a cracking issue  in 10-inch wheels, reported in cold weather areas. The popular car maker is not the only company which is facing defective steering issues. Earlier, Ford had recalled about 1.39 million small and full size SUV’s for a blockage in the steering. The NHTSA is reviewing more than 500,000 Ford cars which includes cars like Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis and Marauder models with defective steering.

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