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UK to consider buying of Tesla Model S for its government officials

UK has been eyeing on buying low emission vehicles and the government officials are not spared from this trend either. This trend is common in China as well as they have announced a similar mandate for 30% of its government cars. UK is looking to assign 150 low emission vehicles to its government officials now.tesla-model-s-lamborghini-newport-beach

Simon Sproule, who is the spokesperson for Tesla has stated that the Model S is in the consideration for being assigned to the government officials of the UK. 5 million pounds have been sanctioned for the purchase of low emission vehicles. The British government officials have also selected Model S. It costs 50,280 pounds in the UK and if the government officials are confirmed to have this car, they will have to spend an extra 17,000 pounds per car.


The production of Tesla will also elevate by 50 percent by the end of 2014, thanks to the decision of the UK government to assign Model S to the officials. This model has just started being delivered in China, but the UK has been receiving its deliveries from April. Next week, the HK customers will get its delivery too.

The EPA certified range is calculated at 425 kms, which is perceived as the highest for any vehicle in the market. Tesla Model S is actually an electronic vehicle and it can easily make a minimum of 2 round trips between the Downing Street and Chequers.

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Tesla’s stocks have also hiked to 2.14% and it closed at $220.02 last Friday. During this year, the stakes of Tesla have risen to 44.35% in this year so far.

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