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Apple iPhone 6: Spigen case spotted and few familiar images leaked online

In the current trends for smartphones, the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 is one of the best ones for leaking rumors around the Internet. As usual, Apple fanboys always stay ahead and desperate to know about the rumors and leaked information related to the Apple devices, more than any other brands. Spigen has uploaded a few pictures regarding the case design for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 at Amazon and it inadvertently shows us the design of the next-generation upcoming Apple iPhone 6.Spigen iPhone leak

The leaked images of the upcoming iPhone 6 by Spigen is just a drop of water in an ocean. Since day-by-day, the rumors about the upcoming iPhone cannot be believed very easily.

But we can sure that, the upcoming Apple iPhone has two models. The model with 4.7 inches of display will be planned to launch in the month of September and another sibling of iPhone 6 i.e., iPhone 6 with 5.5 inches will be released later. The images leaked by the Spigen suits nicely with the other recent rumors as well as leaks and it shows an excellent design for upcoming iPhone 6.

The leaks of Apple iPhone 6 proves that the upcoming iPhone 6 will come with Quantum Dots technology with Sapphire display that increases the stand-by time of the device.

iPhone leak

Unlike the previous models, the upcoming iPhone 6 has curved display that provides a uniqueness for it. The newer photos clearly state that how the device will look and in the same time, the official announcement will be expected in the month of September 2014.

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Whatever the rumors might be, the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will be the best next-generation mobile of the year. Just sit back and enjoy the rumors as it seems to unfold every now and then. Ultimately, most of them would prove as fake when the company launches its final product. What would be your opinion on this leaked photos?

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