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Google Q2 2014 earnings hit $16 billion

The internet beast and search giant Google (GOOG) reported its Q2 revenue on Thursday, and the report beats the expected revenue of the analyst. People start to spend more time in their mobile devices, and Google has achieved its growth by concentrating mobile ad-based business model.  In the quarter, Google has generated a revenue of $16 billion (exactly $15.94 billion). The report gives a shock to everyone, it was more than the expected revenue of $15.61 billion. But Google records $6.08 earnings per share, while analysts expected $6.25.Google Q2 Earning

The Google has planned for a longer term of revenue and changed its advertising theme, also given more preference to the mobile platform. Since the usage of mobile platform is higher than the desktops, the trends have set for mobile platforms. Moreover, the revenue is mostly from the people who clicks ads from the mobile devices. While comparing with previous quarters, the number of paid clicks has been increased over 2 percentages, that results in a huge amount of revenue for Google Inc. this quarter.


Google CFO Patrick Pichette said in a statement:

“We are moving forward with great product momentum and are excited to continue providing amazing user experiences, with a view to the long-term,” and also added “We’re noticing more and more people want to switch from screens and retain that experience. Android is... providing that seamlessness across screens.”

Currently, Facebook ads started to compete against Google advertising programs, this makes the Google to research the best way of getting more audiences. This allows Google to concentrate over mobile platforms as well as the desktop ones. In the same event, Google announces that Nikesh Arora, chief business officer moves to the SoftBank Corp. as Vice Chairman and as the CEO of SoftBank Internet and Media.

Google CEO Larry Page posted on his Google+ page saying,

Nikesh has been a tremendous leader, adviser and mentor to many Googlers — including me.  We have learned a lot together, and had a lot of fun along the way,”

For detailed earnings report, visit the official Google Investors website.

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