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Mysterious hole in Siberia wasn’t created by aliens, nor an unidentified object from the sky

A very suspicious event was recorded in Siberia when a massive crater appeared on the ground. The hole has left scientists clueless. Many possible explanations have come up since the news of this mysterious hole spread around.siberian-giant-hole

The Russian Government has assertively said that the cause behind this mysterious hole is not an object falling from the sky, denying a lot of stories speculated around the incident stating the cause being a meteor strike. The Siberian Times reported an official stating, “We can definitely say that it is not a meteorite. No details yet.” The government has sent a team of experts to investigate the site and come out with the exact reason behind the hole.


The crater is located in remote Siberia in the Yamal peninsula. The crater measures 260 feet across. The depth has not yet been measured. What is interesting to note, is that, the name of the Peninsula literally means “the end of the world”.  The hole, although formed two years ago, didn’t receive a lot of attention until recently.

The site is a rich source of gas, suggesting that methane explosion could be a possible cause. It is located 19 miles away from a gas field called Bovanenkovo.

Investigations suggest that the inside of the hole is darker than the soil in that area, suggesting that a lot of heat could have been involved in the formation of the hole.

According to Siberian Times, Anna Kurchatova, a scientist from Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre, saying that a mixture of salt, gas and water would have formed beneath the surface due to the melting of permafrost. The high pressure underground could have led to a self-ignition. She believes global warming to be the primary reason for this.

Two meteor strikes have been reported in Siberia in the past, in 1908 and 2013. The strike in 2013 had injured over 1000 people.

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