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The Prize Money for ‘International DOTA 2 Tournament’ is set at $11M

You may be baffled hearing that a gaming tournament holds the prize money at $10.9 million. This is one of the highest prize money ever set up for a gaming tournament. The gamers are excited and trying harder to practice for the competition. The ‘International DOTA 2 Tournament’ will be broadcasted by ESPN.international-dota-2-tournament-prize-money

This tournament will see gamers from all around the world compete with each other for the whopping prize money. This weekend is set up for the competition and the organizers have geared up with all the preparations. The fact that ESPN is broadcasting the event brings up the spirit of the competition by a fair degree.


Thousands of people have come down to see ‘The International DOTA 2 grand finals’ starting this Friday. There will be teams consisting of 5 gamers each and will compete through Valve’s PC game “Defense of the Ancients 2”. It will be a double-elimination bracket tournament; that will see the winning team earn 5 million USD.

Seattle’s Key Arena will witness the tournament that will take place from 18 July to 21 July. The winning prize is $10 million, but this is not the grand prize and it will be segmented among all the gamers that win prize money in the tournament. The excitement of people for this championship is over the top and the organizers are capitalizing on this fact very well so far.

ESPN is airing the tournament and there could not be a bigger compliment for this popular gaming tournament. Gamers from all around the world have participated in the tournament and the stage is set for the show.

There has been a hot trend emerging for the professional gaming tournaments. These tournaments are also known as e-sports. All of them have been uprising in the recent scenario and this is the reason why ESPN has taken the responsibility to air the tournament.

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