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US Senators upset as GM stands by its top lawyer

Speaking out of exact facts, the year 2014 can be termed as one of the worst years for most of the carmakers of Europe. Following the similar trend, the car maker from the United States, General Motors also faced the wrath of recalls when a large number of its cars were recalled owing to ignition flaws. According to the reports, it has been stated that the top-notch lawyer who handled the operations for GM actually was aware of the faulty ignition and yet the cars were allowed to roll onto the streets.US Senators upset as GM stands by its top lawyer

As a response to this allegation, the United States Senators demanded that General Motors must ask the lawyer to step down from the post unless the investigation into the purpose does not yield a result. But till Thursday, no steps in regards to the demand of the Senators were taken by General Motors. On the other hand, GM CEO Mary Barra openly defended the lawyer Michael Millikin is saying that he was a man of high integrity and dedication towards the company.


In spite of the official support from the GM CEO, the senators are pressing on the fact that Mr. Millikin must be held responsible for the incidents that has happened on the roads involving the faulty ignition systems. According to the statistics, GM cars have accounted for more than 50 accidents which have resulted in approximately about 15 casualties.

According to the statement issued by Millikin, he has accepted that after the crashes, the company did inform the engineers about the faults but they probably did not take any action. After that, Millikan had no information about the faulty ignition.

After the incident of recalls, just like most of the other companies, GM has also made quite a few changes in the rules. On the other hand, Mr. Millikin has personally told the senators that he will take on the charge and look after not committing such instances again. It will be interesting to see how the tangle unfolds as the lawsuit stiffens.

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