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Microsoft shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios as part of job cuts

Microsoft had been hinting about the layoff for its employees lately. There was a huge possibility for the shutting down of Xbox Entertainment Studio, owned by Microsoft and something similar is on the sidelines of Microsoft’s current plans.xbox-originals

On 17th July, Microsoft declared that it was ready to cut as many as 18,000 jobs, blaming it on the restructuring of the company. In this heist, there is a little chance that Xbox Entertainment Studio would survive. The Xbox platform for making Xbox Originals TV programming has already been shut down. The news was confirmed from Phil Spencer, who is a part of Xbox.


Phil Spencer stated that in spite of the Xbox Studio being shut, the team would continue working on the programming of documentary series “Signal to Noise”, “Halo: Nightfall” among the others. In another statement by Spencer, he confirmed that Xbox will continue to offer its customers “NFL on Xbox”. Some improvements will also be made to the experience of Xbox TV. This will be done by updating the softwares associated with it.

Halo fans can take a sigh of relief, but it is not sure whether ‘The Originals’ shows from Xbox would continue to entertain the fans. The shows were meant to base themselves on games like “Fable”, “Gears of War”, “Age of Empires” and “State of Decay”. Now, with the current developments, it is not sure whether these shows will see the light of the day.

For its original programming, Microsoft is planning to focus only on the bigger franchises like Halo among the others. It is interesting how Xbox has transited its focus from shows to games in a matter of short time. This is quite sad for their TV fans as they would not be able to receive the entertainment content in as much quantity as they did before.

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Earlier, In a 3,105-words memo written and distributed on last Friday to all its employees, Microsoft’s new CEO mentioned that the company will be focusing more on the cloud, mobile and productivity instead of devices and services. He also pointed that the company will witness big organizational changes as well.

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