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Fiat Chrysler set to replace defective parts in Jeeps by March 2015

There is no doubt of the fact that the year 2014 has seen a lot of models being recalled from the streets owing to some manufacturing defects. The defects were not the main reasons for the recall, but the risks those manufacturing defects posed. Fiat, which is one of the major automobile manufacturers also faced a similar situation when approximately about 1.56 million jeeps had been recalled due to defects involving the fuel tanks.Fiat set to replace defective parts by March, 2015

According to the reports that we have in hand, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have announced that the rate at which the work of manufacturing fuel tanks is going on, they will be able to end the campaign of sending back the recalled cars on the road by the month of march next year.


According to the reports, Fiat had to recall approximately 1.56 million jeeps owing to issues related to fuel tank fires. According to the statement issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the faulty fuel tanks posed greater chances of deadly accidents. On the other hand, Fiat is extremely confident of having enough parts to replace the defective part by the end of March. This means that Fiat is all set to roll back the recalled cars before the others.

The situation was a bit slow moving for Fiat but after an open letter from NHTSA, the manufacturer has ensured that the work is completed on time. In another statement, Fiat has stated that out of 1.56 million recalled cars, not all of them need to be repaired. There has been no official statement made by NHTSA in this regard.

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