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BAE Systems unveiled ‘Striker II’ night vision helmets for fighter pilots

The US Air Force has always remained to be tech savvy when it comes to their fighter pilots. The recent development in the series is the surge of night vision helmets that possess great abilities. The pilots always had an access to the helmets that were magnificent, but for flying in the dark, they still had to make use of the night vision goggles.BAES_175278_492x277

Much to the relief of the fighter pilots, BAE systems has brought out a headgear that would enable the fighter pilots have the night vision very clear and it will be replacing the night vision goggles soon. The helmet is known by the name Striker II. This helmet is equipped with a night vision camera that portrays its footage on the visor’s high resolution display. This gives the pilot a great look towards the world outside without any hassles.


Striker II, the brand new helmet by BAE systems may prove out to be handy when it comes to war zones, especially in lengthy missions. Striker II is not only capable of night vision, but it has more stars added to its personality. The back of Striker II possesses an array of lights that work as a guide to head tracking system that synchronizes the head movements with the projected info.

Joseph Senftle, VP and GM for Communications and Controls Solutions at BAE Systems said in a statement:

“As the industry transitions from analogue to digital display solutions, Striker II brings a superior, fully digital capability to multiple platform types. Designed to address evolving mission requirements with advanced digital night vision technology, our new HMD was built to be ‘future proof’ and seamlessly adaptable to technology advancements in the years ahead.”

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BAE has not revealed when it wants Striker II to offer its services or who the target customer is, but according to the rumors, Striker II will be used by the Air forces of US as well as Britain. The predecessor of Striker II is also used by the air force pilots flying Eurofighter Typhoons and Saab Gripens.

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