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BlackBerry Assistant to battle with Siri, Cortana and Google Now

Recently, a survey by 24/7 Wall Street suggested that the BlackBerry is likely to disappear in 2015. But it doesn’t shake the smartphone giant. BlackBerry is all set to launch their own voice assistant in their upcoming smartphones. After Siri, Google Now and Cortana, next in line is BlackBerry Assistant.blackberry assistant competes siri cortana

Sources suggest that the features of this assistant is similar to the other platforms. BlackBerry assistant is a part of their 10.3 operating system. The assistant can search the web, calendar, email, social networks etc. And will also compose and send emails. BlackBerry claims that the accuracy of this voice assistant is much better than the assistants in other platforms. The company says that even flashlight can be toggled on or off with voice commands. Other highlights include marking an email read/unread with your voice.


The assistant has abilities to modify notifications depending on meeting schedules and calendar appointments. BlackBerry has been yet to disclose all the details of the feature.

The assistant is said to be compatible with any Bluetooth device, indicating its efficiency being handsfree. Also, users can directly use the keyboard from their home screen. Without the use of a specified app, you can search the web or post messages, similar to the features in webOS.

Even though not an innovation, it is quite clear that BlackBerry hopes their new BlackBerry Passport to do really well (BlackBerry Passport is expected to release on September 2014). Clearly, being well behind its contenders in the smartphone industry, this new addition gives them a few reasons to hope.  BlackBerry has had a voice control system on the old BBOS and the new BB10.

Donni Halliwel, BlackBerry’s social media marketing boss says that the BlackBerry Assistant is in lockstep with what he needs to do on “Passport” which is a bulky phablet from BlackBerry. This voice assistant should be like it helps you without being getting distracted and thus makes BlackBerry to stand a step ahead from smartphones.

The release date is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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