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Best time to jailbreak Apple iPhones and iPads?

This is the best time for iPhone and iPad users to jailbreak their devices using the Pangu Jailbreak tool before Apple patches up the exploits with the latest iOS updates.pangu-jailbreak-tool

Pangu’s iPhone/iPad Jailbreak tool for iOS 7.1 to 7.1.2 can be used for an unthetered jailbreak on the devices before Apple could end up patching the jailbreak in the form of updates. Even though iOS 7.1.2 might be the final release before the release of the new iOS 8, Apple might choose to release a 7.1.3 update for overall improvements and minor bugs.


Apple will definitely patch the exploits in the new iOS 8 if the company doesn’t release a patch for the 7.1.2 jailbreak. When iOS 7 was released in 2013, the version was exploited and jailbroken and Apple released a 7.1.1 update to patch the exploits. Developer teams like Evad3rs release jailbreaks in such a way that Apple won’t be able to patch it up till its next update.

“With what I’ve seen so far on beta 1, there does not look like there are many setbacks to make that impossible,” said iH8snOw regarding the complexity of iOS 8 jailbreak.

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Users can expect the release of an iOS 8 jailbreak in a few months similar to the jailbreak release of iOS 7. Reports have also revealed that iOS 8 will be released before the release of iPhone 6 on September 19. Even as Pangu 7.1.1 jailbreak was released, developers’ fears came to the fore as they didn’t expect it to release so soon. Now that Pangu’s jailbreak tool is released for 7.1.x, Apple will patch the exploits in the iOS 8 or 7.1.3 update.

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