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Google vs Microsoft – era of cold war is intensifying now

A silent battle between two tech giants Microsoft corporation and Google is heating up after Google’s shocking and unreasonable blocking of the YouTube services on Windows Phones. Microsoft dominates the OS and business software market, Google dominates search. This war is shaping up to be at least as entertaining as Apple’s war with the big behemoth a decade ago. Google is not supporting Microsoft products like Windows Phone, IE, and ActiveSync can be considered as aggression. The battle between Microsoft and Google is getting better over YouTube, as Microsoft has blasted Google for its YouTube block on Windows Phone apps.microsoft_google_large

The war is really heating up because both companies bid for our productivity dollars. Last year Google stopped offering services for a Microsoft owned online service that sync calendars, emails and contacts from mobile devices on Gmail and Google apps. Since Google was paying a license fee for Exchange ActiveSync, they decided to replace it with an alternative which is free. Google now offers the similar accesses via IMAP, CalDav and CardDav, where Windows phone doesn’t have inbuilt support for either CalDAV and CardDav and now only supports Exchange ActiveSync & POP/IMAP.


Google is going through a phase where they are looking to make sure they are investing in the right places and get more attuned users. Google has stopped providing free Business apps and released iPhone & iPad apps for Gmail, Google+, Chrome and Google drive. Google actually believes in open source standards that might be one of the reasons for removing Exchange ActiveSync, which hurts many Gmail users than the Windows mobile users.

Satya Nadella the current CEO of Microsoft has signaled a coming escalation in regards to Google. Nadella referred Microsoft as the “productivity & platform” company for a mobile and cloud world. He suggests an even bigger bet on the Office products that have become so important to the company.

According to Nadella:

Microsoft is rich in heritage and a unique ability around building productivity experiences and platforms. And the Microsoft Corporation helps the people to get their stuff done like chatting with friends, term papers, budgets and expressing ideas. Microsoft has repeatedly said that one among seven people in this world uses Microsoft-Office. Microsoft has to keep as much of that business as possible, but they can’t do so without making the software accessible on any given device, anywhere, regardless of the OS. Perhaps it was the main reason behind why Microsoft has never denied reports that the touch version of Office would be going to Android before Windows 8.

Either way, it is very clear that Microsoft won’t be tolerating the naked attempts of Google at torpedoing Microsoft’s Office hereafter. Lobbying is what every company does. Google indeed dominates the online search. Microsoft should not be having a hard time flagging up its competitor’s faults.

Richard S. Tedlow, who is a historian and professor says:

The area where Microsoft and Google are really competing head-to-head is in the war for talent, said  at the Harvard Business School. Historically, the company that wins the war for talent, wins the war.

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