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Google Nest, ARM and Samsung launch Thread, a network for Smart Homes

The pace at which the world is developing technologically, it is just a matter of time when we will be able to define ourselves by a ‘Smart’ term. The first step of revolutionizing our surroundings into a smart one should certainly start with our homes. Well, that is what is probably going to happen according to the announcement on Tuesday!Thread to be the 'brain' behind a Smart Home

According to the announcement, 7 companies including Nest and Samsung are gearing up for the launch of a new wireless network termed as ‘THREAD’. According to the statement released, Thread will be the first step to imbibe smartness into your house.


What is Thread?

According to the statements, Thread is a wireless network, which will allow the smart gadgets in a certain limited area to communicate within themselves. The reports state that Thread is a simple IP-based wireless networking protocol that can be used over a small bounded area like a house or an office, etc. Bluetooth also performs in a very similar way as to the proposed method of Thread. On the contrary, Thread will be much faster and will drain the batteries less. According to the statements issues, Thread will also enable IPv6 communications, replacing IPv4 and will also look forward to save the battery of the device.

What makes Thread Different?

Apart from Samsung and Nest, the companies who are a part of the Thread initiative are Freescale, ARM, Silicon Labs, Big Ass Fans and Yale. The main source of inspiration behind the creation of Thread is the realization that there needs to be a single medium of communication when looking to make places smarter. The fact that all of us are connected separately via smart gadgets does demand of centralized connection medium and with time Thread will develop as one of the prime and major systems in the process.

There are many systems of centralized connection that exist, but most of them are a huge source of power drain which does inhibit the user to use it. Thus, this reduces the effectiveness of the product no matter how much useful it can be. Wi-Fi is one of the prime examples of such a situation. ‘Thread’ is likely to reduce the battery consumption, making the effectiveness of the Wireless network more felt by the users. According to the reports, Thread is expected to be compatible of a Gate with approximately 250 products. Thus, with the interconnection of more than 250 smart gadgets, the main purpose of a centralized communication system can be fully served.

Thread is not like a Hub but rather it plans to emerge like a Wireless network of its own genre. The Thread Program will be available to new users by the year 2015.

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