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Latest Financial App picks for iPad Users

Technology has a great impact on everything in our day-to-day life, with the help of ‘Smart’ devices we can perform any task with an ease. In this post, I have listed the best and latest financial apps for iPad and these applications provides various features such as money management, debt management and other investment portfolio of its users.

If you were searching for best financial apps for your iPad, you can choose it from the following list of apps.


1: Square Register

This application allows you to accept credit cards for running your business on the go and in store with Square Register. Visa Cards, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted and in the meantime, just 2.75% of the total transaction will be charged as service charges. You can access the fund in 1-2 business days and No monthly fees are required for using this application. If you swipe $100 you’ll receive $97.25 in your bank account. Accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express at the same rate. Square Register deposits, payment into your bank account in 1-2 business days.

2:iBank for iPad

iBank is an iPad app which is made for personal finance and has a stellar interface which is appropriate for anyone who needs an app developed specifically for iPad. You can have a track of almost anything and everything related to financial account in iBank iPad App, includes savings, credit cards, investments, mortgages and loans too.

  • Not one, but multiple currencies are accepted and supported.
  • Funds can be transferred account to another account of different currency too.
  • This app is compatible with the gorgeous Retina display of the iPad.
  • You can sync data to the iBank app made for Mac. Direct Access can also be used to download transactions to iBank app for iPad.
  • Financial accounts are grouped by books for easy tracking of personal accounts which separate from other accounts of the family members. Books could be assigned individual passwords.

3: Money by Jumsoft for iPad

Money for iPad is an app with at-a-glance account balances, integrated with Foursquare for payees. It also has a scheduler for working with scheduled recurring transactions for income, other expenses and transferring funds between accounts. Money for iPad app works with any type of account i.e., savings, checking, credit cards and investments.

  • Split transactions are supported.
  • Use one-time budget item, including different budget periods.
  • All reports are colorful and bright.
  • Easy to read and highly customizable.
  • You can sync it with the Money for Mac desktop software.

4: Pocket Expense for iPad

Pocket Expense for iPad is an application which keeps track of your checking, credit cards, savings, and other financial accounts and uses a financial calendar to keep the track of your bills. Pocket Expense has a plus point account and budget tracking and it is absolutely free, but is a fully featured one.

  • Alerts can be set to remind one to pay bills on time.
  • You can set up budgets.
  • View the amount left for the month, according to the monthly budget.
  • There is Support also for recurring expenses.
  • Transfer of funds could be made between budget categories.

5: Mint App for iPad

The Mint app designed especially for the iPad, syncs with online Mint.com and the Mint iPhone app too. This app can have a track of savings, checking, credit card and most investment accounts.

  • This app can automatically categorize your transactions when they have been downloaded.
  • You can view your budget, your expenses and net worth report too.
  • On the Overview page, upcoming bills and financial alerts are streamed.
  • Budget tracking of the money left.

•        Bill reminders can be set to make payments in time.

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