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Android 4.3 update rolling-out to Nexus and HTC-One devices

Google announced Android 4.3 version update now coming to all Nexus devices-over the air. The 2 MB update doesn’t bring many changes to Nexus device, but it fix bugs and enables few safeties. To get updated with android 4.3 to Nexus device, you just go-to setting>about phone or tablet options > system update > check now.


After updating-the first place to look since it is Smartphone in messaging. There you find new keyboard by long pressing of space bar, a pop-up option displays EMOJI. Just switch to that, now you can send picture type message and it categorized with list. Next step we have improvement to camera, it look pretty just like other camera. To get camera setting, you just need to tap and hold the wherever in the screen. A big arc displays options (HDR, exposure, front camera, more options) and we can get-in to make changes. And there is no lag when you change orientation of the camera.

4.3 update brings you improvement in speed, and game performance is very fast. Lastly battery life running on 4.3 version of Android is significantly better compared to 4.2.

Nexus 7 (android 4.3) works without any problem and in Nexus 4 bit disaster. Minor Android 4.3 upgrade changes built number from JWR66V to JWR66Y. Nexus device users complain 4.3 update has issue, but this may be fix in upcoming Android version soon. The newly released update is not only for Nexus device but also to HTC-One in Europe. Google also stated in Source website, there is no official change after completing Android (4.3). One more major update will soon launch to Nexus and HTC-One family of Europe (except US) in next week.

31.66 MB update (over the air) fixes major issue given below:

  • Accessory: support for mini+
  • Google keyboard now available

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