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15 iPhone tricks you should try right now

Owning an iPhone has always been a dream for many gizmo lovers and its revolutionary for Apple. Even if you are an iPhone user for years, you still got to learn many things about your iPhone which you have no idea of. Let’s see some of the iPhone tricks which will be useful for you to use and for a new learning experience, many may surprise you.iphone-5s

Here are the 15 iPhone tricks. I hope you would also add some tricks to this list through comments.

1. Recharge battery real fast on Airplane mode

Go to the Settings page and Turn on Airplane mode, this way your iPhone battery gets charged at a high speed.

2. Undo text with a shake

While typing or editing a pic, if you made a mistake, you can undo it with just a little shake, that’s really a cool trick.

3. Stop music with Timer

Most of the people are music addicts and they listen to songs while going to bed, we fall asleep while listening to music without switching off the phone, So we can use a timer to stop this music automatically, For this you need to Clock>Timer>When timer ends and set as Stop playing, If the time is set to say 30 minutes or 40 minutes, It will automatically stop playing music.

4. Alphanumeric passcode

This could be an additional security for your phone, Go to the phone settings page> General>Passcode lock, Here you need to turn off the Simple Passcode option and you will be prompted for an alphanumeric password.

5. Click a pic with volume buttons

Instead of clicking on capture button which can be hard sometimes, you can use the volume up and down buttons to shoot.

6. Make iPhone speak the text

Making your device speak something is really cool which we do in windows narrator option, Same way you can enable to speak option in your iPhone, For that you need to enable the Speak selection option, Go to Settings > General> Accessibility> Speak selection and turn it on, now a Speak button will appear, If you select a text it will speak, you can also select the accent of the speech and the control speeds.

7. Open up apps via Siri

iPhone comes with an app called Siri, You can set appointments, send messages, make calls, say ‘call John’, it will make your call, say ‘open app name’, and it will open the app for you. Siri can also read your emails, say read my mail; it will read out your email. Learn more about Siri from here.

8. Multiple photo shots at once

Keep the camera shutter button pressed and it will automatically activate the burst mode, the phone will capture loads of photos and save it to the camera that guarantees you a nice profile pic.

9. Connect Bluetooth keyboard with your phone

If you got lot of typing work to do, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your phone and start typing, this works really fast.

10. Use Google maps even without Internet

This tip is definitely helpful for many who travel often; while you have an Internet connection, just load the map you want to save for future. Now type “ok maps” in the search bar to open it for offline use.

11. Control phone with your head turn

This is something which we would have never imagined, Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control > Switches, and select a Left or Right Head Movement. Now you can test it out by placing the phone in front of you and turning your head left or right in front of camera.

12. Set LED’s/Flashlights for alerts

There are times when you won’t hear the high volume alerts or alarms, especially in noisy environments; iPhone gives you blinking LED alerts which may be useful for you.

13. Take screenshots of webpages or anything on screen

Press down the Home button and tap the Sleep button, you will hear a camera click and the screenshot are ready in your camera folder.

14. Delete unwanted craps

Just like disk cleanup, you can clear the files which are no longer in use, Go to Settings > General > Scroll down and Click on Usage, and it loads for a minute and shows you the list of apps which are taking more space, you can remove them.

15. Inbuilt Dictionary

In case you are looking up for definitions which is not recognized in Safari, tap and hold it, you’ll get an option to Define.

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