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LinkedIn officially announces acquisition of Newsle

World’s largest business-oriented social network LinkedIn has announced about the acquisition of the startup Newsle. Newsle is an application developed to provide latest news updates related to the users contacts on popular social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn.linkedin-newsle

LinkedIn is one of the many social networking sites that exist along the internet today. But compared to most of them, LinkedIn will certainly distinguish itself as one of the most important social networking site for the corporate. Speaking of LinkedIn’s importance, the acquisition of Newsle by LinkedIn will certainly boost the status of the social networking site. The importance of LinkedIn is expected to increase quite a bit after the announcement of the acquisition. On the other hand, Newsle is a simple and small application that has a huge scope. In simple words, the team up of LinkedIn and Newsle will certainly offer great prospects to the internet media.


The acquisition of Newsle by LinkedIn was announced today and both the organizations are certainly looking forward to start operation as a team soon. Until then, Newsle will continue operating the way it has been.

The original acquisition of the application was done a few years back but LinkedIn allowed the application to operate the way it has been doing. The details of the deal between LinkedIn and Newsle are yet to be discovered.

Newsle was originally founded in the year 2011 and since then the application has raised its worth to millions. With the acquisition of Newsle by LinkedIn made official, it will be interesting to see what happens to the brains behind the application originally.

LinkedIn has already recruited the employees of Newsle as the organization thinks that just like Newsle they are also a part now. What strikes the most that even though LinkedIn acquired Newsle a few years back, why has it been officially announced now? May be because, LinkedIn want to shut down the standalone app.

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