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Sony to add more local contents in PS4 for Japan

Sony will add more special content in the PlayStation 4 for the Japan market in a move to boost sales in the coming months. Sony PS4 is struggling in its own domestic market since its launch.Consumers in Japan bought Sony PS4 consoles in a store

The PlayStation 4 sales in Europe and America has been hugely successful though there has been only limited sales in the Japanese console market after its launch in February 2014. The PS4 sales are already outsold by the Nintendo Wii U, but recently it has crossed the PS3 sales numbers in Japan.


It’s expected that the special content will be added in the Japan-based PS4 in the coming months that will provide a variety of experiences.

“There is definite developer and publisher enthusiasm for the platform especially having seen the overarching success it’s had markets outside of Japan, and again this outpacing of the PlayStation 2,” said Andrew House of Sony.

Compared to PS4, the PS3 was popular in Japan and developers were also satisfied with the console. House also mentioned that he was aware of the lagging sales in Japan and hopes to change it in the coming months. Microsoft is set to launch its Xbox One console in Japan by September along with many other markets and hopes to attract gamers by offering two free games with the console.

However Sony has not mentioned details and the availability of the content that will be introduced in the coming months. Both the Xbox One and the PS4 sell at the price of $399 after Xbox One removed the Kinect Sensor from its bundle in order to catch up with the sales of PS4. Consumers can expect exclusive bundles or discounts for the consoles during Christmas for boosting sales by the end of 2014.

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