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EA Sports unveils Madden NFL 15 with 40 levels in Gauntlet Mode

EA Sports is set to release Madden NFL 15 game with Gauntlet Mode that features 40 new challenging levels for players who have completed the title along with improved gameplay features. EA have also released a gameplay video teaser showcasing the new features.ea-sports-madden-15

The new mode will feature a boss battle after completing five levels and showcases a completely different type of experience where players will have to score a 110-yard goal in 200-mph winds during the first boss battle.


EA has not revealed details of other boss battles with increased difficulty. Gauntlet Mode also allows players to challenge the high scores of their friends in the Skills Trainer section.

“Every five levels players have to take on a boss battle which will present the game in a completely different experience,” said the development team at EA Sports.

The new gameplay features include behind-the-player camera angle similar to Road to Glory mode in the NCAA Football series which was shelved. Defensive lineman can pass through offensive linemen easily with simplified controls by pressing face buttons for a pass rush move. Players could also lose balance in case of a wrong timed jump and can lead to a penalty.

Along with the new mode there has been improvements in the working of defensive and a revamped Ignite engine for smoother physics and realistic experience during game play.

Madden NFL 15 is set to be released on August 26 in North America and an Ultimate Edition will be released as well. In Europe, it will be released after three days for Xbox One, PS4 and PS3.

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Check out the video here:

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